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Behold the Power of Brand Advocates

For years, public relations professionals have known of the power of brand advocacy. But in the digital age brand advocacy is evolving into the realm and responsibility of nearly every type of digital marketer. Whether you’re working on a search marketing campaign or overseeing a client’s display strategy, every marketer needs to understand and believeRead the rest of this entry

Stop Worrying and Start Innovating

For the most part, I find the PR industry’s trade publications — PRWeek, PRNewser, PRNews, etc. — to be good standard-bearers for effectively covering the ins-and-outs of this diverse and growing industry. Sure, they tend to focus too much on AOR announcements  — the old-time stock ticker-tape reports of PR — but they do theRead the rest of this entry

Groupon PR: Whoops! It Happens

“People forget we’re a new company. It’s one of those things where, OK, we’re still growing up as a company. Now that we figured that out, there’s no reason to think it’s going to happen again.” So said a Groupon exec in response to a Financial Times reporter asking about accounting irregularities that have plaguedRead the rest of this entry

Has PR Become a ‘Lightning Rod of Mistrust’?

Lord Tim Bell, head of the U.K.-based PR firm Bell Pottinger, thinks so. That’s what he told a crowd gathered in Dubai for the recent IPRA Public Relations World Congress and reiterated in an excellent interview with The Holmes Report. Lord Bell is asked why he feels that public relations has become a “lightning rodRead the rest of this entry

Why It’s Not ‘OK’ to Not Understand Pinterest

The headline of Julia Hood’s Feb. 16 column in PRWeek, “Don’t get Pinterest yet? It’s OK,” caused me to twinge slightly as soon as I read it. Not because I’m some social media snob who thinks that every PR pro must be an expert on every social network and emerging technology. Rather because it strikesRead the rest of this entry

Drop the Salesman Mentality

I love PR. I really do. Yet, as much as I enjoy working in PR, there are definitely some parts of the business that concern me, and frankly have me worried about the state of the business in the future. One of those areas is how some in PR seemingly view their jobs with aRead the rest of this entry

Exploring the Value of PR for Startups

A series of opinion pieces last week by Dallas Mavericks owner and billionaire business mogul Mark Cuban asserting that startups “should never hire a PR firm” got the PR world buzzing with outrage. But does he have a point or is it too general a brushstroke to paint that PR can “never” benefit a startup? Let’sRead the rest of this entry

Time for Journalism’s ‘Name-and-Shame’ Game to End

I’ve never understood the point of the “name-and-shame” tactic employed by some journalists who feel aggrieved by what they perceive to be an undue amount of pitches from PR pros or just plain spam from PR agencies.Is it that they are trying to teach us a lesson? A Daddy (the media) knows best, and ifRead the rest of this entry

Quick Hits: Klout Gets ‘Validated’; Meet

A few thoughts on recent marketing and PR industry news:Read the rest of this entry

The Next Great PR Firm

What will be the next great, innovative PR firm? I wrote this question in a note in my iPhone late one night last week. For those who don’t know me, I’m a bit of a nerd, and yes, these are the things I think about. Primarily, I posed this question to myself as part ofRead the rest of this entry