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Why We Need to Set the Bar Higher When Giving Advice

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Waffle © by ilovememphis

Earlier this week, Ragan.com posted a blog titled, “8 Foods PR Pros Should Avoid.” When I first saw it tweeted, I thought that it may have a few foods that aren’t good as we are working. Maybe I shouldn’t have that chicken finger sub for lunch; should I bypass the Starbucks breakfast sandwich. Heck, maybe I should be skipping Starbucks altogether (ok, that’s not happening).

As I clicked the link and actually read the blog, it was neither about foods we shouldn’t eat nor healthier options. The blog discussed how on the next visit to the store,  we “consider which items not to buy. These products can rattle PR pros by planting negative subliminal messages in their psyches.” Continue reading

Welcome to Our World

Checklist and pencilDuring the #prbc Ragan panel, I brought up the point that the line between a blogger and marketer will continue to blur, and you will start to see more bloggers taking a stab at becoming publicists/marketers.

As this trend continues – which I have a feeling it will – everyone is going to have an opinion on the subject. Can bloggers be publicists? Should companies stick with PR firms?

I’m not saying that bloggers shouldn’t be marketers or they can’t be publicists, but I do think a select few might need some insight. So, what’s the reality you may ask? Well, being a publicist/marketer isn’t as easy as it looks. Continue reading

35 tips in 30 minutes (text edition)

As many of you know members of the PRBC group presented today at Ragan’s Social Media panel.  Below we share some of our thoughts on SM.  The names in parenthesis indicate who brought up the point.  Hyperlinked to their twitter account on the first use.

Diving Into Social Media

Before any company, agency, or professional decides to become involved in social media, there will no doubt be some basic questions that they want answered, or some background information that they would appreciate hearing.  The first group of points provide some helpful hints for diving into social media, whether you’re interested in using it for clients or becoming the resident thought-leader for your company. Continue reading

Catch Us Live…

This post’ll be at the top of the page for a few days. Daily posts appear below this one starting at 12:01 a.m. Eastern.

As some of you may have caught through our prior tweets, members of the PRBC will be presenting at Ragan’s 2010 Best Practices in Media Relations Summit on March 3, 2010 in New York City.

In addition to hearing some of your favorite (hush, we know it’s true) PRBC-ers — Mr. Trivitt, Ms. Dueitt, Ms. Cyr, Ms. Khoury, Ms. Greco, and yours truly — pontificate on social media, there are other unbelievable speakers, from some fantastic companies, you definitely shouldn’t miss.  What organizations you ask? Oh let’s see here, companies like – Ketchum, BusinessWeek, Levick, USA Today, Edelman, Dow Jones, etc…

Check out all the description and presenter info at the link above, register and we’ll see you there.  Knowing us, it’s also not entirely impossible that there will be some post-event festivities (#JustSayin’).  Stay tuned for more info as it becomes available.