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Tuck(er) and Roll With the Punches

I took a big step in recent weeks. On Saturday, July 2, I adopted a cat from PAWS. His name is Tucker, and he is ten-month old ball of energy who has already stolen my heart. Because I am a first-time cat owner and a major nerd, I thought of a few ways I’d keepRead the rest of this entry

How Do You Use Numbers to Tell You What Works?

The last post I wrote received some thoughtful comments that were far more valuable than the actual post itself, IMO. John Trader in particular made some really great points, including the thought below which is at the heart of many measurement problems: “We are so focused on our silos that we tend to forget whyRead the rest of this entry

The Impending Data Deluge

I recently returned from the PRSA International Conference in Washington, D.C. (full disclosure: I am employed by PRSA), where much of the focus was on social media and enhancing the strategic value of public relations. What struck me most about the sessions was how few of them were geared toward the once-hot topics of “SocialRead the rest of this entry

Finding Insights In a Data Haystack

So you’re actively engaged in this whole social media thing, and you’ve even figured out how you’re going to keep track of it. You’ve chosen a few tools that came highly recommended, you plugged in all the right information and now those tools are collecting data for you. All the time. Now what? With seeminglyRead the rest of this entry