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From Mail to Maker’s Mark: A Scale for Assessing Flack-Reporter Relationships

The Coffee-Serving Security Guard © by Qole Pejorian

Every PR pro has been in the scenario: the team is gathered in a conference room. The topic of media comes up, and various names are bandied about. Then the boss growls, “who has a relationship with that reporter?” The implication is clear: in a business of connections, the person doing the pitching should have some sort of tie to the writer/editor/blogger in question.

Invariably, someone pipes up, claiming they have a relationship with the reporter in question. But the word “relationship” is fuzzy, Read the rest of this entry

Dunbar’s Number, Your Brain and Why Scaling Media Relations is a Bad Idea

Public relations today faces a vexing problem: our brains aren’t big enough to keep up with the promise of the technology that we now have available to us. Now, I don’t mean to cast aspersions on my peers, the reality is that, regardless of industry, no one has a brain big enough to deal with the increasingRead the rest of this entryRead the rest of this entry

Have a Little Patience, My Friends

I had a great discussion the other day with my friend, Arik Hanson, whom many of you that frequently read this blog may know. Arik recently started his own PR/social media consultancy, and from seemingly every indication, his business is thriving. I pointed this out to Arik, noting how in control he seems to beRead the rest of this entryRead the rest of this entry