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Twitter: Creating Social Media Clones

Genetic cloning montageFinally, the ability to be two places at once! For a while, Hootsuite users have loved the ability to schedule tweets and now the new Tweetdeck is taking it one step further by including scheduled tweets and Foursquare check-ins. Correct me if I’m wrong, but how can we check-in via Foursquare if we’re not physically there? How do we engage conversation without being around to respond? Tweetdeck has given us the opportunity to have a social media clone ensuring our presence is still in our community without physically doing the work.

Last week during the #u30pro chat, hosted by Lauren Fernandez, David Spinks, and Scott Hale, the group discussed pros/cons to scheduled tweets and many users chimed in. Here are some reasons members dislike the feature: Continue reading

For The Love Of Debate

Businessman Pointing at PaperA good friend of mine once told me, “If you took the popular opinion there would be no reason to write.” He’s right. Writing gives us a voice. It allows for discussion, debate, and for our knowledge to grow as a result. In addition to learning, a debate can open doors to new relationships. That’s how Kasey and I became friends. I disagreed with a post he wrote and needed to understand where he was coming from. I approached him via direct message, which turned into a great discussion, resulting in a blog post for PRBC and a valued friendship. So today, Kasey and I would like to encourage the PRBC community to act as a contrarion. You’d be amazed at what you will learn. Continue reading

Now I know how “the spammed” feel

I’ve seen it. The template pitch. The “cut this person’s name out <here> and insert next person’s name <here>.” Outlook usually has this cute feature where any new text in a forwarded e-mail turns a different color making any changes obvious. I cannot stand when people carelessly forward along identical e-mails. Even more when they make it so obvious. It makes me wonder how many of these e-mails editors, producers and reporters receive… And I shiver.

Below is an e-mail I received from a guy we’ll call Jason. Jason is a very nice man. He came into my office, asked for some business contacts I knew and said he’d be happy to refer me any clients he had looking for PR. Great! All the greatness ended when Jason sent me this e-mail: Continue reading

Twitter Ratios & Profile Builders: A Message Thread

low angle view of a road sign saying follow your heartEditor’s Note: As some of you know the PRBC founding bloggers exchange e-mails quite a bit. On most workdays we trade between 150-200 msgs per day. We talk about everything – potential posts (seeking input and conflict checking), insight on an outlet, formal PRBC events, informal area events all the way to dinner plans and what one should wear to one of these events. It’s really a bit scary.

This entire post started with a brainstorming e-mail after I happened to see a GMail ad for a twitter profile builder. This one happened to intrigue me (the ad was well written). And so … in most of its glory, most of its ‘rough around the edgedness’ and edited for readability, part of our message thread.  From the first message to the last one included here a total of 1 hour and 1 minute passed.~Cog Continue reading

Twitter Explanation: How to Explain to Your Spouse Why You Love Twitter

A good friend said to me: “Why would anyone be on Twitter?”  Mind you, he’s never been on Twitter and he doesn’t know a thing about it.  But he’s a successful lawyer and thinks he knows what’s what.

In reply, I’ve decided to come up with a list of answers for when someone asks you this question:

Continue reading