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Interview with Mark Schaefer, Part II

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If you’ve yet to see Part 1 of this fantastic interview with Social Media and overall Marketing smartie Mark Schaefer, head on over to the B2B Bliss Blog and take a read and a gander at the video interview with Elizabeth Sosnow.  Also, subscribing wouldn’t be worst idea in the world either.

Or, if you’d like to be all wild and crazy about it, watch the below one first, then go watch part 1 as dessert ;). Continue reading

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You’re Not Done

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I voted! © by ilovememphis

The national (and local in some cases) elections came and went a few days ago.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief. In part because it means they can stop hating their friends on Facebook, and in part because it means, “they had done their duty.”

They’re wrong. Continue reading

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To One Thousand … and Beyond

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1000 © by MGM_Photos

Three years ago when we started this blog, essentially on a whim (concept to launch took around 10 days if memory serves), I don’ t think anyone assumed we’d still be here today, except perhaps as an archive.

But here it is – our 1,000th (published) post. Continue reading

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Words We Hate: Tickle

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Tickling cat © by Sham Hardy

We’ve all got a few of those expressions in our biz we hate – to circle back, to get on the same page, to ping, etc.

Usually they do have some kind of history of their own that makes sense – either from another world, or another time of business management.

Today we’ll take a quick look at one in particular we all love to hate (perhaps because of Elmo) – “To tickle” someone. Continue reading

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Building the Agency – Part II

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In our last post on this topic we reviewed the new challenges agencies face in staffing to handle the much broader knowledge base they expect of employees.  PR, marketing, and the other related arts previously had a comparatively limited set of tools that they’d actually use on a regular basis – media relations (print, broadcast, etc.), event marketing, etc. – with the occasional foray into something digital.

Now, in addition to the old tools, we’ve got all the digital arenas (platforms) to play in and on, each with their own set of rules and standards and much more specialized types of media – lifestyle bloggers (or as some like to call a large subset of this group – “mommy bloggers”), bloggers affiliated with mainstream outlets, bloggers who consider themselves journalists, bloggers who don’t want to be journalists but rather paid advocates and so on.  Continue reading

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What Are You Reading?

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Book collection © by Ian Wilson

What do you read?

I read blogs – a lot of them.  Some are for me because they’re in areas that interest me – such as Geekosystem and Singularity Hub, industry blogs so I can know when FB changes the proper picture size from 404×404 to 406×406 and can spend hours assigning someone to rewrite our best practices memo on the topic – Mashable, All Facebook,  and Brafton. I read some just for fun – like TastefullyOffensive (for what should be obvious reasons).  I don’t read as many as my colleague Robert Checkal who helps curate content for some of our clients – his Google Reader is by itself is an occasional S__storm of great content. Continue reading

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