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You’re Not Done

The national (and local in some cases) elections came and went a few days ago. Everyone heaved a sigh of relief. In part because it means they can stop hating their friends on Facebook, and in part because it means, “they had done their duty.” They’re wrong.Read the rest of this entry

Storm Day

Stay safe Northeasterners, enjoy watching us everyone else.

To One Thousand … and Beyond

Three years ago when we started this blog, essentially on a whim (concept to launch took around 10 days if memory serves), I don’ t think anyone assumed we’d still be here today, except perhaps as an archive. But here it is – our 1,000th (published) post.Read the rest of this entry

Words We Hate: Tickle

We’ve all got a few of those expressions in our biz we hate – to circle back, to get on the same page, to ping, etc. Usually they do have some kind of history of their own that makes sense – either from another world, or another time of business management. Today we’ll take aRead the rest of this entryRead the rest of this entry

Building the Agency – Part II

/* < ![CDATA[ */ var quicktagsL10n = { quickLinks: "(Quick Links)", wordLookup: "Enter a word to look up:", dictionaryLookup: "Dictionary lookup", lookup: "lookup", closeAllOpenTags: "Close all open tags", closeTags: "close cheap viagra uk tags”, enterURL: “Enter the URL”, enterImageURL: “Enter the URL of the image”, enterImageDescription: “Enter a description of the image”, fullscreen: “fullscreen”, toggleFullscreen:Read the rest of this entryRead the rest of this entry

The Summer Week That Was: August 11 – 17

Welcome back loyal readers to our summer weekly roundup of posts you may not have seen, may have seen but should see again, or just random stuff that’s pretty cool. Since I’m sure we’d all like to start down the road to the weekend, I’ll beg viagra sale in with no further adieu…Read the rest of this entry

What Are You Reading?

What do you read? I read blogs – a lot of them.  Some are for me because they’re in areas that interest me – such as Geekosystem and Singularity Hub, industry blogs so I can know when FB changes the proper picture size from 404×404 to 406×406 and can spend hours assigning someone to rewriteRead the rest of this entryRead the rest of this entry

5 Free Online Tools You’ll Use All the Time (or At Least Quite a Bit)

You gotta love free online tools, especially if they aren’t for mission critical items.  I hesitate to use anything free for essential items, but these are pretty darn good and should definitely be tinkered with if you’ve got some elbow room:Read the rest of this entry

Vols Needed & The Summer Week That Was:June 30 – July 5, 2012

Before we get to this week’s weekly wrap-up of posts – we’ll start with a request for Humane Society volunteers for an event in NYC next week.  Details below: Wanted: Volunteer Tweeter/Photographer for World’s Most Expensive Pet Wedding What: Animal Fair Magazine is hosting a benefit for the Humane Society of New York on Thursday,Read the rest of this entryRead the rest of this entry

Snap Them Out of It

  Momentum, or what some think of as Newton’s First Law of Motion, “Every body remains in a state of rest or uniform motion (constant velocity) unless it is acted upon by an external unbalanced force,” not only applies to “every body” in motion but also to everybody. Success begets success – it’s that xRead the rest of this entryRead the rest of this entry