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PR Pros and Family

Public relations professionals are trained to demand perfection, juggle like an octopus, run in heels, always be connected and get it all done without breaking a sweat. There are a million articles out there to help PR pros effectively manage multiple social media channels, engage with bloggers and help craft a press release headline to garner coverage. PR pros manage up to their bosses, down to their interns and across organizations to their clients and reporters.

There is one additional audience that PR pros have in common that is never really talked about and there aren’t a million articles out there to help you do it well. It is that other audience that we have in our lives…children.  Continue reading

How To Be a Great Captain

a miniature statue of a ship captainThere is no “I” in “team” but there is a captain even if there is no “C”. A few weeks ago Cog wrote on the importance of teamwork in PR and how as PR professionals we often work collaboratively. However the post reminded me that behind every great team is a great leader. Someone the team trusts, believes in, and who believes in the betterment of the group. Perhaps it’s the manager that goes the extra to mile, ensuring all players are on board or making sure the separate tasks are meeting the end goal. In the simplest terms, thanks to Dictionary.com, a captain is a person who is at the head of or in authority over others;a chief; a leader. In my opinion, if you want a successful team you need a great leader. Marie and I came up with a few necessary traits, in no particular order, we feel a leader should have.

(Note: Marie and I know taking on the role as captain isn’t all rainbows and unicorns and we needed someone to play devil’s advocate. In true PRBC fashion, we turned to our resident devil, Cog, and asked if he would put together why, although our traits are important, it’s not that easy. You can see that post here)

Continue reading

Giving thanks to my PRBC Family

portrait of an elderly man holding a roast turkey at the dinner tableThis week I was inspired by “Social Media Thanksgiving” and instead of my weekly Coffee Talk, I decided to use this platform to thank the people who probably don’t hear “thank you” enough: my PRBC family. Most of the people who read PRBC or know us would say, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. From time to time we’ll have some fun with posts like “PRBC Member Breaks Off” and “Coffee Talk with PRBC Parents”. I love these because it’s a way for the community to learn more about us. I hope everyone enjoys the holiday, stuffs themselves like a turkey, and remembers to give a little thanks to the special people in their lives.  Continue reading

Christina’s Coffee Talk: With the Parents of PRBC

Family on sofa at beach
This week’s coffee talk was inspired by a question that I am sure most people in PR have answered: “What exactly is it that you do?” So instead of making another PR professional answer this question for the millionth time, I turned to the people who never seem to get it: my parents. But I couldn’t let them have all the fun, so I had PRBC ask at least one of their parents too. I have to admit, I thought the answers were going to be more off base, perhaps confusing PR with marketing or advertising but I was definitely wrong.  Overall I think they did a pretty good job, but I’ll let you decide. Continue reading