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3 Reasons Your (Future) Boss Wants Leaders

A good GPA + PR experience + networking = your dream job after graduation

If this is true for you, CONGRATULATIONS! If not, this post—and a BIG cyber hug—is for you.

I graduated from college in May. Like most seniors, I put a lot of time and energy into my resume. One of my professors always warned students that an unfortunate typo in the word “public” could prove very costly. I certainly couldn’t afford that, so I often edited my resume with my career counselor. One day she suggested I add my leadership experience.

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The Importance of Making it REAL at Counselors Academy

Running an independent PR agency can be a rewarding, yet risky business, with a variety of personal and professional challenges, adequate to fill a lifetime of sleepless nights. These include:

  • Constant, relentless price-cutting competition from multi-national agencies with deep pockets and a New Biz funnel that extends around the world;
  • The need to be a trend-spotting, trendsetter, always paving the way at the cutting-edge of PR best practices;
  • Learning and improving your business leadership skills, while trying to balance your business and personal life;  Continue reading

Exec Chat: John Bliss, Founder of BlissPR

Recently, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting over breakfast with someone I have great respect for in the public relations field—John Bliss, the now semi-retired founding principal of BlissPR. I had been wanting to meet John for quite some time, having met several BlissPR employees, including his daughter (and one of three managing directors at the agency), Elizabeth, among others. I had always been struck by just how nice everyone from BlissPR seemed to be, which has been backed by the company being named one of the top-30 PR agencies to work for in the U.S. by The Holmes Report.

John fully lived up to his billing and was quite generous with his time and insight. Over breakfast at the Princeton Club (his alma mater), we discussed numerous topics affecting the public relations industry, including what BlissPR execs look for in new hires, the openness BlissPR has with its employees regarding the company’s financial standing and how technology and social media have impacted his business, which primarily works with clients in the B2B space.

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How To Be a Great Captain

a miniature statue of a ship captainThere is no “I” in “team” but there is a captain even if there is no “C”. A few weeks ago Cog wrote on the importance of teamwork in PR and how as PR professionals we often work collaboratively. However the post reminded me that behind every great team is a great leader. Someone the team trusts, believes in, and who believes in the betterment of the group. Perhaps it’s the manager that goes the extra to mile, ensuring all players are on board or making sure the separate tasks are meeting the end goal. In the simplest terms, thanks to Dictionary.com, a captain is a person who is at the head of or in authority over others;a chief; a leader. In my opinion, if you want a successful team you need a great leader. Marie and I came up with a few necessary traits, in no particular order, we feel a leader should have.

(Note: Marie and I know taking on the role as captain isn’t all rainbows and unicorns and we needed someone to play devil’s advocate. In true PRBC fashion, we turned to our resident devil, Cog, and asked if he would put together why, although our traits are important, it’s not that easy. You can see that post here)

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The Other Side of Leadership

Person using fountain pen

I had the distinct pleasure of playing one of my favorite roles recently — Devil’s Advocate —  to a post written by our own Christina and Marie (which can be found here).  The best way to convey my message was with a brief(ish) letter….

Dear Christina and Marie

As you both know I hate to deliver bad news, but it’s finally time. There is no Santa Claus, Easter Bunny or Team Unicorn that will be joining you in your meetings.

The points you mention in your post are lovely and, of course, completely workable. And I’m sitting in a chair made of Skittles. Continue reading

Manager vs Leader: Are You A Trusted Advisor?

Portrait of a businessman standing with his four colleagues in opposite directionsBarely a year into my journey as a small business owner, I’m learning valuable skills and lessons that enable me to do my job better. Now, I’m not talking about building media lists or drafting messaging documents, but what it means to be a trusted advisor, someone who has the ear of a client, offering counsel to help their business grow.

I’m learning that to be an advisor I need to focus on the client’s needs and not my own; to help them grow will help me grow. I’m learning that I can’t rest on what’s “tried and true” all the time and that I need to undergo constant reinvention; to find new ways to service my client. Most importantly, I’m learning to place the highest value on maintaining the relationship; to prove to my clients that I am here for the long haul, not just for the length of the immediate contract. Continue reading

Dear Flack….Leadership Skills

Dear Flack –

I’m currently at a very small agency with no departments or divisions. The boss handles all new business pitches and project management and has for years (decades). It works for her so I don’t really blame her. Even when something is “delegated” it’s still micromanaged.

The problem is that with the number of years I’ve been here all the openings at other agencies seek demonstrable PR (or related) leadership skills and/or business pitching skills. That, of course, makes sense.

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