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Welcome to Our World

During the #prbc Ragan panel, I brought up the point that the line between a blogger and marketer will continue to blur, and you will start to see more bloggers taking a stab at becoming publicists/marketers. As this trend continues – which I have a feeling it will – everyone is going to have anRead the rest of this entry

Blind Leading The Blind

I am a young PR professional and while no longer entry level, I am by no means seasoned either. I joined the social media world to learn more about my career and the industry. I’ve had the opportunity to meet great people along the way, mostly beginners but also some veterans, both of which have taught me more thanRead the rest of this entry

40 Days 40 Nights without Facebook

Chocolate. Alcohol. Cheese. Cursing. Typical things that one would give up for Lent. I’ve tried to all of them for the full forty (read: forty-six when including Sundays) for Lent. In the Christian faith, Lent is to remind us of the temptation that Jesus endured in the desert from Satan. Lent is a time forRead the rest of this entry

Take the next step: Meet in Real Life

How often do you talk to your closest friends? Once a day? On the phone or via text? For me, I talk to my closest friend probably every other day. Now think about how often you converse with your Twitter community. I talk to PRBreakfastClub and #prbc on a daily basis. The great connections I’veRead the rest of this entry

Agency Eater – they’ll chew you up and spit you out!

You know that song by Nelly Furtado, Man Eater? She’s brutal, ain’t she (in a good way)? Perhaps I can go all PR-geek here and suggest we do a spoof called Firm Eater… They’re a firm eater Make you sweat hard, make you work hard, make you ruin relationships Work for a month Makes senseRead the rest of this entry

Content vs Relationships – It’s not a monarchy…

I’d been bouncing around a post on this topic mentally for a few weeks, but as usual things get in the way.  But when a post from superstar Chris Brogan declaring not content, but rather relationships “King” and a counter-post (though not referencing Brogan’s) appeared on Chris Illuminati’s blog declaring content King it was timeRead the rest of this entry

Build your Community like a Friendship

While building a community around a brand is viewed by many as a business tactic, the manner in which you build your community has very little to do with business. Building a community has a lot more to do with people. In order to build a strong community, a business must treat their community membersRead the rest of this entry