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Why We Need to Set the Bar Higher When Giving Advice

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Starbucks Offers New Mayor Deal in All Retail Locations- Will it Work?

By now most major brands have realized that they need to get involved in social media, even if it’s only in a small way.  A year ago, only a handful of companies were willing to put their reputation on the line and experiment with establishing a social media presence. One of these leaders was Starbucks,Read the rest of this entry

Television Advertising..Can I have a Bucket please?

I’m not sure if anyone has noticed television commercials recently, but they have become the most unrealistic and stupid commercials that just make me annoyed while watching making me change the channel. Commercials used to be fun. What happened? Why can’t commercials these days be like the Coco Puffs commercials from the 90s? You know,Read the rest of this entry

The Face (or lack thereof) Behind the Tweets

I recently attended and presented at the Social Media Conference presented by the Connecticut Valley Chapter of PRSA .  Among the topics discussed at the conference was who should be the voice behind corporate tweets, the company itself or a company representative? Several attendees expressed that hectic schedules often prohibit upper management from taking onRead the rest of this entry