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Curating Or Collecting?

Rock Collection (or curation)?Content creation in the form of curating content, your own and that of others, is the hot new trend  in the digital world. Notable platforms have emerged which cater specifically to this form – YouTube playlists, Tumblr blogs, and, of course, Pinterest.

Tuning the content you’ve created is a bit of a different beast than doing the same thing to content you’re curating.  When actually creating new content there’s a built in system to avoid creating too much irrelevant content (at least for good writers and self-editors).  You’ll know if you’ve done something before, and if so from what perspective and tone. Continue reading

How Learning Social Media is Like Running a Half Marathon

About eight weeks ago a friend of mine asked our group if we wanted to train for a half-marathon. Without thinking I decided to jump in with a leap of faith. Just the thought of running for 2½ hrs seemed so daunting but I still began the journey with trepidation

Whether we want to admit it or not, beginning social media is daunting, overwhelmingand not lacking it’s own trepidations. Learning the many different types of social media…Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn and all the others in between can be like learning another language, but you dive in anyway. Continue reading

The Power of Advocates

If done strategically and creatively, targeting influencers can have great business value, but is more for creating short-term buzz than sustainable growth. Targeting influencers should be done in conjunction with connecting with your advocates.

Advocates are not necessarily buying your product or service. As Simon Sinek notes in Start With Why:

“Though products may drive sales, they alone cannot create loyalty. In fact, a company can create loyalty among people who aren’t even customers.”  Continue reading

Marking Facebook Milestones

Do you know the history of your company? Aside from the date it was founded, do you know when the important milestones occurred? If you don’t, use the new Facebook for Timeline feature to find out!

You company has a rich history and your clients (fans in Facebook lingo) most likely don’t know about all those great things you did in the past. This is an opportunity to politely brag about your past accomplishments and reiterate to your customers that you are around for the long haul.  Continue reading

Why You Should Use Facebook Timeline – the Best Brand Implementations

I’ve seen a lot of changes happen when it comes to social media and public relations – how the two fit together, and where they fit within a company’s organizational structure, has changed over the years.  A few years ago, when I was agency-side, I witnessed firsthand the struggle between creative shops, interactive agencies, and public relations agencies to win social media accounts.

Since then, social media has grown exponentially.  In that growth and wide acceptance, it’s been carved into pieces – content, software and creative.

PR pros have won the content battle.  But creative resources from an in-house designer or creative team are essential.   Today’s social networks are becoming more and more visual and without the help of a great design team, your initiatives aren’t going to be as successful.   Continue reading

You Are The Most Valuable Product On The Internet

Much has been made of Google’s unified privacy policy that went into effect last week. In my Twitter feed, I saw the usual suspects; threats of dumping all Google products, enraged people shouting about how Google is out to take over the world, you know, a whole lot of this. Perhaps these people are unaware of how commerce on the Internet works. This is always a good reminder for us as PR pros, and for our clients. The number of companies that collect your data for their own marketing purposes or for their partners is astronomical. However, let’s rundown a few of the major names to put this in perspective: Continue reading

Book Review: Like

I was recently graced with a review copy LIKE: Seven Rules and 10 Simple Steps for Social Media in Your Campaign by Kelly Groehler with Dave Ladd, Greg Swanholm, and Bass Zanjani.  The book is available as both an e-book, hardcopy and has presences on Facebook and Twitter.  The foreword is available as a free download at the bottom of this post.

This wonderful volume is different than a number of the other social media books out there, in a number of good ways. Continue reading

All I Really Need to Know in PR, I Learned From Santa

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! But only if the holiday rush hasn’t crushed you yet. If you’re (still) filled with the spirit of the season, please indulge me by reading this post with a fun, good-natured, Christmas-y attitude. ‘Tis the season to be jolly after all!

So the headline might be a bit of an exaggeration, but don’t fault me, we are all in PR. However, there are things that I do know in PR that I learned from the man in the red suit. So here’s my list of things PR-related that I learned from Santa: Continue reading

Getting Back to Basics: Marrying Social Media with the Basic Foundation of PR

In today’s social world, it’s seems easy to just jump in to social networks on a whim. But it’s important to remember, all social media efforts should map back to your company’s business objectives in order to be successful – just as we do in PR.

A brand shouldn’t create a Facebook presence simply because it wants to be on Facebook.

Your social media and PR strategies alike should map to a broader goal, whether it’s increasing brand awareness for your company, products or service; building web traffic; or whatever other goals you may have. Also similar to PR, if social media engagement is not tackled with a plan, it can have an adverse affect. So how do you best ensure a positive outcome of your social media efforts?

Here are five tips for social media, which as you’ll see are very much the same rules for traditional PR.  Continue reading