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Make your press materials user friendly

What if I told you that shiny stock image you just spent an hour searching for didn’t help you? Or if I said that the hundreds of dollars you’ve given iStockPhoto has actually hurt your site? Recent research from renowned usability expert Jakob Nielsen suggests that “users pay attention to information-carrying images that show contentRead the rest of this entry

The Tech Industry’s PR Problem

I love working with tech entrepreneurs. Their enthusiasm, innovative minds and passion for what they’re doing is infectious. But ask many of them what their business does, or their cool new product or service is all about, and you’re likely to get a variety of nonsensical answers rooted in geek speak: “Well, we’re like FoursquareRead the rest of this entry

What Every PR Rookie Ought to be Doing

Both the PR and media world have undergone great changes since I first got started in the field in the mid 1990s. When I first started off as a reporter, I spent several hours learning how to use the flywheel to resize photos. And just when I had that figured out, along came Photoshop, whichRead the rest of this entry

Case Study: Communicating with a Celebrity on Twitter

As much as I hear all of the complaints about celebrities and Twitter, there are times when I absolutely love the fact that celebrities tweet. We can talk all we want about how some celebs “are doing it wrong,” and how they rarely, if ever, interact with their followers. Then, there comes that one momentRead the rest of this entry

The Moby Effect

Moby is a unique musician.  His music is somewhere between dancehall and coffeeshop, and that’s not a bad thing. I’ve seen him at a stadium show, which was not the right venue to enjoy his music, since there were no dancefloors or lattes within reach.  But his performance was incredible. So what the heck doesRead the rest of this entry

Friday Five (+5)

Happy Friday!! Every now and then we like to give the readers a chance to rediscover a post, or discover one they may have missed.  Since we’re busy doing our billing right now (as you probably should be), we’ll give you a summer favorite, the Friday 5.  But since it’s been a few months –Read the rest of this entry

Word Vomit: Topics That Are Better Left Unsaid

The social aspect of  communications is one of the many reasons I was attracted to working in public relations.  It’s also one of the many reasons why I love Twitter.  I’ve attended many tweets up and happy hours simply to meet some of my favorite people.  Heck, I even drove with Kate and TJ toRead the rest of this entry

Finding Your Social Media Zen

Close your eyes. That’s it, take a deep breath. Inhale. Exhale. Sometimes all you need to do is take a step back from the social media world to find a little bit of perspective. About two months ago, I attended the Type-A-Mom conference. There was a fantastic panel on community and staying positive in theRead the rest of this entry

The Next Big Thing

We don’t buy things just because they’re on sale at a good price. There’s a need, or a sufficient want for the cost and benefit received from an item. We don’t clean our plates when served food merely because the food is there. We are hungry and fulfilling that need for the health and wellnessRead the rest of this entry

The Impending Data Deluge

I recently returned from the PRSA International Conference in Washington, D.C. (full disclosure: I am employed by PRSA), where much of the focus was on social media and enhancing the strategic value of public relations. What struck me most about the sessions was how few of them were geared toward the once-hot topics of “SocialRead the rest of this entry