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As some of you may have caught through our prior tweets, members of the PRBC will be presenting at Ragan’s 2010 Best Practices in Media Relations Summit on March 3, 2010 in New York City.

In addition to hearing some of your favorite (hush, we know it’s true) PRBC-ers — Mr. Trivitt, Ms. Dueitt, Ms. Cyr, Ms. Khoury, Ms. Greco, and yours truly — pontificate on social media, there are other unbelievable speakers, from some fantastic companies, you definitely shouldn’t miss.  What organizations you ask? Oh let’s see here, companies like – Ketchum, BusinessWeek, Levick, USA Today, Edelman, Dow Jones, etc…

Check out all the description and presenter info at the link above, register and we’ll see you there.  Knowing us, it’s also not entirely impossible that there will be some post-event festivities (#JustSayin’).  Stay tuned for more info as it becomes available.


In PR, Silence Isn’t Golden; Respect Your Audiences

California v StanfordThey say silence is golden. True, if you’re looking out over the Grand Canyon during a beautiful sunrise. But in the world of high-stakes media, silence is often a man’s worst friend. Yet, coming from a sports PR background, I’ve seen countless athletes, coaches and owners/administrators try to stymie the inevitable with pure silence. And in almost every case, it comes back to haunt them . . . big time. Continue reading

Blogging by Candlelight

Electricity pylons at sunsetIt would seem par for the course that as I turned on my laptop to blog, the power would fail.   My immediate reaction was to tweet about the power failure. The challenge with that and my momentary lapse in logic are both evident.

Once I moved past the realization of a self #fail, I was left wondering what we would do without social media.  Or, more accurately, could we return to a world without social media? Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving…

Baked Turkey
Happy Thanksgiving everyone. We’re off the rest of the week and weekend. Back in….

Until then, you may enjoy some of our top posts since we went live nearly three months ago. In alpha order by title…

Have a happy, healthy and safe week and weekend. See you Monday!

Beating the Holiday Blues: What Motivates You?

Runner Crossing Finish LineWith the holidays nearly upon us, that can mean only one thing: No, not the delirious joy of gifts, treats and many days off from school that a little kid surely feels, but instead, the dreaded gloom of holiday shopping, fighting insane traffic and with multiple stresses at work and home as you try to get everything done before the mad dash of the great trifecta of family, friends and food overtakes you.

Lost in all of that is the fact that this can be a really difficult time for many. It can even be downright depressing, with the awful weather and the realization that it is at least five or six long months until summer begins. So in a professional service world of PR/marketing/advertising, staying motivated and enthusiastic for what lies ahead can be a bit difficult. Continue reading

Giving thanks to my PRBC Family

portrait of an elderly man holding a roast turkey at the dinner tableThis week I was inspired by “Social Media Thanksgiving” and instead of my weekly Coffee Talk, I decided to use this platform to thank the people who probably don’t hear “thank you” enough: my PRBC family. Most of the people who read PRBC or know us would say, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. From time to time we’ll have some fun with posts like “PRBC Member Breaks Off” and “Coffee Talk with PRBC Parents”. I love these because it’s a way for the community to learn more about us. I hope everyone enjoys the holiday, stuffs themselves like a turkey, and remembers to give a little thanks to the special people in their lives.  Continue reading

Dear Oprah (Part 10)

17th Annual Women In Entertainment Power 100 Breakfast - Arrivals

Dear Oprah,

Thanks for keeping my nannies tied up for an hour but I’m glad you’re going off the air too. Maybe now they’ll finally go get my son from his nap before the end of your program. As a work-from-home mom & PR pro, I have to rely on the nanny to get some work done and soon that will be possible. And do me a favor, kill off O magazine too. I’m sick of clients asking to get their stuff in it. You clearly pick favorites.


Dear Oprah (Part 9)

Oprah Celebrates Susan Taylors 37 Years At Essence Magazine

Note: This one comes from Katie Wall, @GoKTGo.

Dear Oprah,

I feel like I can call you “Oprah” because my roommate in college had a picture of you framed on her wall, which pretty much made us roommates. Thank you always being an inspiration even though you never responded to any of the letters my roommate sent you. I’m glad I will no longer have to deal with you consuming 75% of our DVR because your hour-long show runs so many times per day (in both standard and HD).

I hope that your leaving doesn’t mean that Oprah impersonations will go out of style…ie. “You get a car! And you get a car! And you get a car!” because my heart just isn’t ready to let go yet.

I also hope that your appearance doesn’t start to go just because you won’t be on TV anymore…oh wait…



Dear Oprah (Part 8)…


Today I’m not thinking like a PR flack, who was never able to get a single product past Adam Glassman’s assistant (thanks by the way for helping me grow that hard PR shell rejection after rejection), I’m thinking like the 4 year old girl who sat down one September day with my mom and there you were – ready to change my world!

Now I must ask – when you made this announcement did you think of me … I mean the rest of us? What will I use as a reference for book club? Who will introduce me to a new doctor who will scare the bejesus out of me each Tuesday leaving me convinced I have a tape worm and a brain tumor? Where will Tom Cruise show off the crazy? When will I know if I’m having an “ah-ha” moment? And most importantly WHO will tell me what my favorite things are going to be this season?!?!

I always thought I would have my children continue the obsession your show … once I tricked a man into marrying me of course (you never did a show on that!) … and now you’ve gone and given me a deadline.

Still distraught,


Dear Oprah (Part 7) ….

Barack Obama Is Sworn In As 44th President Of The United States
Dear Oprah,

I’m new to this game, and I don’t work with consumer clients, so I don’t fully understand the pain that you inflict on flacks like us. Really, all that I know about you is that you have a questionable relationship with your best friend Gail and that you make my mom cry when she watches your show. However, come 2011, I’ll be celebrating with PR pros everywhere as your show goes off the air because it makes my friends lives that much easier. Catch ya on Perez I’m sure! (the next time one of your schools hires a convicted pedophile as their headmaster.