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The Toxic Coworker

Thinkstock single image collectionWe’ve all been there. The first few days of new jobs are always troublesome, finding out who you want to talk to, who you can click with, who you want to make your new happy hour buddy, etc. Every job has their characters among the employees from the cool kids, the slackers, the hard workers/overachievers, and the toxic coworkers.

What is the Toxic Coworker? The worst coworker of them all. They may be amazing and fun, and even your best friend, but at they end of the day, they are the venom that flows through your skin slowly killing you…day by day, hour by hour. The toxic coworker is the person that just slowly complains and complains about the  job. They tell you all the bad things about work, even if you have no complaints and are happy go lucky about it! Continue reading

The Mother of all PRBC Announcements:

Woman Crying in Empty Movie Theater
We're not really sure who she is either. If you know please come to the customer service desk.

Nota Bene: Please note the date on which this post was originally posted and enjoy it with appropriate grains of salt.

Fellow readers. The time has come for the big announcement. This announcement will go down in history as we are one of the first Web sites to ever make it big like this. From our beginning stages back in October, to our current status here in April, it is only suiting that we share our amazing venture with you all.

What started out as a joke and a tid bit of fun, has become a reality and a dream come true. Every PR pro has dreamed of this day, some have made it happen, others just hope and pray each day for it to come true.   Continue reading

The BCC…Not Cool

Shopping bag with 'At' email symbol, close-upE-mail has become a big part of our lives, when e-mail goes down, our lives shut down. There are so many things you can do with e-mail from e-mailing 300 people in a matter of seconds to just talking it up with friends in China. There is one thing e-mail related that should not be abused. The BCC function. Oh the BCC, the Blind Carbon Copy, also known as the Blind Courtesy Copy and the Big Chicken Coworker.

To all of you who are unfamiliar, the BCC function basically lets people see an e-mail that is sent, but people who are addressed in the TO: or CC: line of an e-mail don’t know this person has received the e-mail. There are many times I’ve used the BCC function whether it be to keep my supervisors in the loop as to what is going on while interacting with a client, or to joke around with one of my friends who doesnt know, and even playing Mr. Matchmaker and clueing my friend into knowing what is being said about them to a potential love interest. The BCC function can be great to be secretive, but when used in deceptive ways, not cool. Continue reading

Act of Nature and Lifetime TV

Television set in swimming poolEver wonder what would happen if the world ended? Well this past weekend the world almost did. For those of us in the northeast we all were exposed to the most disgusting form of weather…torrential downpours in a city. It’s not like torrential downpour in the country, its okay there…you always drive everywhere, in the city…Not so much. Life shuts down worse than when it snows.

I was totally ready to stay in and enjoy my time, save some money, do some work, catch up on TV, but I ran into a problem. For months a movie has been being pushed on Lifetime TV, “Who is Clark Rockefeller?” It’s based on a true story, seemingly dramatic, and appeared to be a night of entertainment, I was exciting to find out that the movie was debuting when I was stranded in my house! Continue reading

Television Advertising..Can I have a Bucket please?

Businesswoman Pointing To SignI’m not sure if anyone has noticed television commercials recently, but they have become the most unrealistic and stupid commercials that just make me annoyed while watching making me change the channel. Commercials used to be fun. What happened? Why can’t commercials these days be like the Coco Puffs commercials from the 90s? You know, the one with the coo-coo bird who goes coo-coo over cocoa puffs? Unfortunately, we have lost the creativity and are now all victims to see the abominations that ad agencies come up with. Below are two examples of the nonsense we endure every night. Continue reading

A Prayer to the PR Gods

A daily thought to be said each and every day for PR pros.

Almighty gods of PR,
May my day today be a success, with happiness and joy;
Let my pitches be newsworthy and perfect, being loved by all;
Help me create that amazing stunt, that will make someone go WOW;
Please photograph Beyonce with my product, with the label facing out;
Almighty gods of PR,
May my day stay on target, and promise me some lunch;
Let my server make it all day, without shutting down;
Help me double check my subject lines, spell check doesn’t work;
Please cut back on the hate mail today, sometimes it hurts my feelings;
Almighty gods of PR,
May my day go by smoothly, regardless of what comes up;
Let my segments go unbothered, breaking news isn’t that important;
Help my clients just understand, and get it without a fuss;
Please have the Wall Street Journal* call me back today, because I was so nice.
*designates a fill in the blank 😉

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The Future of Sales…Twitter

Salesman Making PitchIt’s very interesting to see the evolution of social media. From just networking with friends and looking at fun pictures, to conducting business and measuring interaction, social media has become the means of communication. The response time of a complaint or compliment on when someone is mentioned is astonishing. One time I mentioned, “Everytime Kate Perry E-mails me, I get excited for a split second thinking it was the singer, then it’s Vocus” and instantly Vocus responds “We’ll be sure to mention that to Kate!”

Its a great feeling having your voice heard, just recently I tweeted something negative about Cision, our best friend and worst enemy. I tweeted that Cision was going way too slowly and i’m sure I did a big “You Suck,” but I instantly got a response asking to do something to my brower to speed it up. Great customer service there. However, that is not the point of this post. Continue reading

The Power of the Smartphone

Samsung Launch New Smart PhonesPeople made fun of me for weeks, months actually. I was like the kid that never got those sneakers with the lights in them when I was in first grade. I’ve dealt with a lot of laughs and the brunt of jokes, but I finally did it. I said goodbye to the 2005 flip phone, and finally got a smartphone!

A bit overwhelmed, and a bit scared at first, I opened up the box to the Droid and got a little bit weak in the knees, started to drool, and then realized I had a lot of work to do and couldn’t touch it till that evening. After figuring it out how to turn it on, it was an amazing experience. Continue reading

Insightful Thoughts from Andy Rooney

Katie Couric Hosts 18th Annual Broadcasting & Cable Hall Of Fame Awards

It’s 2010, yep, a new decade, new life. I’ll be the first to admit it, I hate Andy Rooney. There are two people who I hate more than anything one of them is Andy Rooney (no, I won’t tell you the other). The ancient man is 91 and I think it’s about time for him to retire, say goodbye to journalism, and just get a house on the beach in Mexico where no one can find him again. The old guy should just resign.

Anyone in PR should be watching “60 Minutes” every week. The show is a league apart from any other news program out there, and it gets tainted by ending each week with that man that just complains about life. Andy Rooney is the perfect example of why there are such misunderstandings between generations — because they refuse to adapt to the times. Continue reading

The Auto-DM

Vinyl Ready Art - Road Signs

As most of you know, I suffered from a Twitter virus, and just recently took the big step to abandon all my followers, and start a new account.  Over a year of developing a name for myself on Twitter, and getting over 500 followers was a great achievement, so it was a huge step for me to start a new account. (If you thought you followed me @ctmichaels, check again, and follow @ctmichaels again) So when I started my new account, I just went into my old follower list and went through and started “re-following” people that I actually knew/enjoyed talking to.  Figuring people would be like, “Oh CTMichaels is following me, I need to follow again…” I just started going down the list. To my dismay, instead of followers, I was bombarded with private DMs. Continue reading