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Mentoring in the Social Media Age

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In the past month or so, I have been constantly utilizing the amazing insight and invaluable advice of my many PR “mentors” (the reason why will hopefully be revealed soon). This morning I was thinking about how lucky I am to have all of them, and it got me wondering about the nature of a mentor/mentee relationship. Mentor is a word that I toss around quite a bit, which is interesting because technically a person is only supposed to have one. So am I just using the wrong word to describe the people I go to for PR advice, or has the definition of a mentor shifted? Continue reading

Pitch Yourself — Round 2

Man and woman at desk with LED sign saying big pitchBefore we kick off Pitch Yourself Round 2, I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for all the fantastic feedback we’ve received so far on this intiative.  We’ve heard from many people who agree with us about the value we are offering our job-hunting readers with this opportunity- and that’s exciting!  (By the way, if you’re new to PRBC and Pitch Yourself, read all about it here). Round 2 was just as fun to put together as the first one with Holly Grande, and we hope you enjoy checking it out. Continue reading

The Scripps vs. Cablevision Communications Throwdown

Television Cable Male EndAre you currently in a state of withdrawal due to a lack of Paula Deen’s y’alls? Guy Fieri’s awful backward sunglasses?  Ina Garten’s use of the phrase “Good Vanilla”?  Even Rachael Ray completing a spin of EVOO around the pan?  Then you must be a fellow member of the unfortunate club of people who depend on Cablevision for all their television needs. Even if you weren’t one of the unfortunate souls who turned their TV on the morning of January 1st and realized they couldn’t watch Food Network or HGTV, it’s likely you’ve heard of the current controversy. Continue reading

Geotagging: Already there & moving forward

Editor’s Note: A special post-counterpost from two of the PRBC bloggers to end 2009 with a bang.  For the counterpoint be sure to check out Keith Trivitt’s post.

World map on fiery backgroundI’ve recently become obsessed with FourSquare.  I can’t seem to stop myself from “checking in” places, and now that they’ve made it easier to add new venues, I’ve become the resident scout for my town in New Jersey.  So you can imagine how sad I was when my buddy Keith told me that he’s not a fan of the service.  However, I know that he isn’t alone- many people are questioning the point of FourSquare and other location-based applications. Continue reading

Managing Agency Expectations

Businessman at desk shaking persons handThroughout your career as a PR professional at an agency, you will always have clients that you love and clients that you hate.  Ones that have a product or service that you feel really passionate about and love promoting, and some that make you scratch your head and say “How are they still in business?”  Regardless of how you feel towards your clients, your job is first and foremost to help them. It’s important to put aside any personal feelings and do the best you can- it will only help you in the long run through the experience you’ll gain and the reputation you’ll gain at your agency.

That being said, doesn’t a company who is looking to actually become a “client” have a certain responsibility as well? Continue reading

Lady Gaga As a Brand

lady-gaga-paris-hilton1If you know me at all (follow me on Twitter, read my Tumblr blog, etc.), you know that I am unhealthily obsessed with Lady Gaga.  And if you live on the Planet Earth, then you know who the fabulous Gaga is.  Lately, as I’ve been talking to people about her, I’ve heard the same thing over and over- “I really don’t want to like her, but I just can’t help it!”.  This really struck me as interesting because I don’t think I’ve ever heard that about any other artist, past or present.  I decided that I wanted to explore her marketing, personal branding, and public image strategy to see why everyone is falling for Gaga.  And I promised #prbc that this post would be based on real examples, and not just an expression of my sheer infatuation (ok, ok, ok).  Oh why do we all love Lady Gaga so much? Continue reading

Pitch Yourself — Round 1

Man and woman at desk with LED sign saying big pitchLast month, we announced the launch of a new feature on PRBC which we like to call “Pitch Yourself“.  In case you haven’t heard about this exciting initiative of ours, “Pitch Yourself” gives our PR job-searching readers the opportunity to have their very own video interview live on PRBC.

We really want to help anyone who is struggling to find a job in the industry by putting them in front of our terrific audience of PR professionals (yes, that means you!) and giving them a chance to toot their own horn.  And, as we figured, what better way to do that than by staging the one time where you’re supposed to talk about yourself and your experiences as much as possible- a job interview.  A video job interview- for everyone to see. Continue reading

Dear Oprah (Part 7) ….

Barack Obama Is Sworn In As 44th President Of The United States
Dear Oprah,

I’m new to this game, and I don’t work with consumer clients, so I don’t fully understand the pain that you inflict on flacks like us. Really, all that I know about you is that you have a questionable relationship with your best friend Gail and that you make my mom cry when she watches your show. However, come 2011, I’ll be celebrating with PR pros everywhere as your show goes off the air because it makes my friends lives that much easier. Catch ya on Perez I’m sure! (the next time one of your schools hires a convicted pedophile as their headmaster.


Every Flack’s Dream Client

Children 2As public relations professionals, we work in a service-based industry.  Our clients hire us, pay us, and expect us to provide them with results.  What those specific results are, is of course part of a larger plan which is discussed between a company and their agency.  The PR team works hard and provides the client with frequent updates while they go along their daily business.  Perfect, terrific, wonderful, right?  Unfortunately, not always.

What many clients fail to realize is that PR, while certainly a service-based profession, is very much a two-way street.   Continue reading