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Debunking the ‘PR Has Too Much Influence’ Myth

When the Columbia Journalism Review and ProPublica examined the growing value of public relations and its relationship with journalism, the scope of the piece, and the reaction it received from the journalism community were fairly predictable. A rousing chorus of “PR has too much influence” over [fill in the blank] seemed to fill the comments of both CJR.org and ProPublica’s website.

This notion was further advanced in July when New York Times Public Editor Arthur Brisbane explored the role of public relations professionals working with journalists in a blog post titled “PR Professionals: Bane or Boon?

The underlying sentiment in both seems to be that as journalism continues to shed thousands of its craftsmen, while public relations grows rapidly — both in stature and the number of practitioners — there is an overt level of influence being exerted by the latter over the former. And the world is just bad because of that. Read the rest of this entry

Coulson Resignation Isn’t Death Knell for Journalists-Turned-PR Pros

Talk waxes and wanes throughout the year in the PR industry about what makes a good public relations professional, who can rightly lay claim to being a part of the profession (Are digital PR gadflys who seem to do more for to boost their own personal brands than those of their clients really PR pros?)Read the rest of this entryRead the rest of this entry

Clients and Phone Interviews – What’s Your Role?

Congratulations! You’ve scored a phone interview for your client with a big name reporter. Now comes the big question – do you join in? I have worked for people that have stood on both sides of the issue as to whether or not you should be on the phone while a client does the interview. IfRead the rest of this entryRead the rest of this entry

Is it Time to Introduce Analytics to E-mail Pitching?

I don’t usually write about the more tactical, day-to-day issues of PR and marketing, choosing instead to focus on the delicate work-life balance, thinking like an entrepreneur and why I think it’s OK to not have a traditional PR background. But today, bear with me for a bit, as I’m going to get pretty tacticalRead the rest of this entryRead the rest of this entry

It’s all about the “relationship”

Raise your hand if you are sick of hearing “it’s all about the relationship.” When it comes to producers, reporters and bloggers, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that it all comes down to relationships. Yet, as many times as it’s been said, it seems no one talks about how to create those relationships. Whether you areRead the rest of this entryRead the rest of this entry

Yes, Virginia, Your E-Mail Pitches Do Still Make a Difference

I’ve written before about my belief that the near constant bashing of media relations has to stop, and how yes, despite how much I love social media and how much I believe in the true good of what it is doing in the PR and marketing business, there still is a time, place and relevancyRead the rest of this entryRead the rest of this entry

Not Mine. Not Yours. Ours.

It’s no secret that clients hire us for our contacts.  That our relationships are often the bait that gets them to sign on the dotted line.  But at the end of the contract, the course the agency’s relationship with the media has taken while representing said client has lasting benefits or consequences for both parties.Read the rest of this entry

Am I too emotional for PR

Ugh, remind me again why I check my blackberry at 10:00 o’clock at night? I know that I am running the risk of encountering a work e-mail, which likely will result in another restless night and a step closer to my bottle of sleeping pills. But, I did it; I read the e-mail, a veryRead the rest of this entry