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Two Marketing Guys Walk Into a Branding Storm…

For marketers, 2010 has thus far been a tough year – at least on the branding front. We’ve seen the downfall of several of the world’s top brands, including the ongoing BP oil spill debacle and the ensuing fallout for its corporate image and brand, along with Google’s recent privacy concern issues and several otherRead the rest of this entry

They’re’s a problem with are grammar (Part too)

Alright All right folks – let’s try this again.  As a very late followup to part won of this post, presented below are some of you’re own pet peeves when it comes to proper word youse.  And if you haven’t noticed it yet – every underlined word so far is improperly yoused or completely nonexistent.  AsRead the rest of this entry

Where Do You Sustain Relationships

Some people thrive on face-to-face interaction. Grabbing coffee, lunch, drinks with anybody and everybody. Others prefer to email and text. Many congregate on Facebook and Twitter. There’s no question that there are plenty of people embracing each of these mediums to establish relationships. But where do you build your relationships? Transition from acquaintances to strategicRead the rest of this entry

Recruiting Ethics

It must be hard to be a recruiter. I mean you might as well go into telemarketing since you spend 75% of your day scoping out potential recruits and cold calling/blind mailing people hoping that you can find the next superstar for your client. Just like telemarketing though, sometimes it’s just a bit out ofRead the rest of this entry

Friday’s 5 • 25 June 2010

I know I know I know – The 4th of July and a short week is almost here.  Until then, grab your iced frap, deal with the heat & enjoy our Top 5 posts from this week. In case you missed them this week, below you’ll find our top 5 published stories (based on pageview andRead the rest of this entry

Tips for Ten Minute Interviews

Ten minutes.  That’s all you have to influence your audience.  How do you make sure your messages are communicated efficiently? One of the most valuable things I learned from my previous job was how to own a five and,  if Iwas lucky, ten minute interview.  I worked as a publicist for a book publicity firm andRead the rest of this entry

Predicting the Future: Why Trends Matter In an Oversaturated Media Landscape

In a world where there are now thousands of print and digital publications and blogs, covering everything from the nuances of sports law, to the ways in which technology affects our everyday lives and culture and  the joys of botany, securing media coverage for your business has arguably never been easier. On the flip side,Read the rest of this entry

Your Copy Sucks: The Press Release Mad-Lib

Don’t have time to write a press release? Just fill out this mad-lib and send that sucker in. (name of company) Announces New (product or service) For (current season) (Major city, state) (date) — Executives at (name of company) have unveiled plans for a new (product or service) just in time for (season, holiday, orRead the rest of this entry

21st Century Apologies

An interesting exchange occurred on Twitter last week. PRCog tweeted: “Dear Millenials – ‘OMG’ does not replace ‘I’m sorry’.” Debbie Lyons-Blythe followed up with “’my bad’ not enuf either!” As a Millennial myself, I couldn’t agree more. You see it daily at the gym, the office and just about everywhere else: people have stopped apologizing. I’m not sureRead the rest of this entry

Dear Fairy Blogmother

There are many nights when I would love nothing more than to twitch my nose, wave my wand and witness the magical appearance of the Fairy Blogmother. You know, that whimsical creature that brings great post ideas, fluid prose and a wealth of creativity. Yet, I’ve yet to track down this mythical legend. Despite myRead the rest of this entry