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Happy E-Holidays

There is nothing I dread more than finding the perfect holiday cards, addressing them, then spending the next week or so forgetting to purchase stamps. By the time I get the stamps, it’s past the holidays and the cards are still sitting on my dining room table.

So what does my holiday card rant have to do with social media? Well, recently I came across a great post that asked the question “Has Facebook Replaced the Holiday Card?”   For example, the post cited that “last year, 1.8 billion Christmas cards were sent by snail mail. This year, the number is expected to drop to 1.5 billion.”

While I realize we are still talking billions of cards, which is still a lot in the grand scheme of things, I do think social media plays a factor in the e-greeting trend. Admit it, how many of us use Facebook to keep up with our friends’ birthdays? Continue reading

How to Pitch a Publicist

I know, you are probably scratching your head right now. Well, the topic of pitching a publicist isn’t as silly as you might think.

Yes, that’s right, publicists get pitched too. Whether it’s for product reviews or hiring a blogger for a myriad of services (writing, conference sponsorship, and consultant opportunities) – it happens.

Bloggers and publicists – it seems we are all just trying to find a way to get along and work together. There is a lot of information out there on how to pitch bloggers, yet there’s not much material on pitching publicists or, what I refer to as “reverse pitching.”

Every day, more and more blogs are popping up and it’s making the blogging arena pretty competitive. Since I work with a lot of bloggers, I’m continually asked from a publicist standpoint on how I like being approached, or what do I look for in working with a blogger. Let me just put it out there that every company, brand and publicist looks for different things.

That being said, here are a few pointers to keep in mind when pitching a publicist. Surprisingly, these may sound familiar. Continue reading

Case Study: Communicating with a Celebrity on Twitter

As much as I hear all of the complaints about celebrities and Twitter, there are times when I absolutely love the fact that celebrities tweet.

We can talk all we want about how some celebs “are doing it wrong,” and how they rarely, if ever, interact with their followers. Then, there comes that one moment in time, where you have a shot at a celebrity recognizing your existence, or in this case my son’s.

I hereby present to you:

Case Study: How did my husband and I get Billy Corgan (front man of the Smashing Pumpkins and childhood/adulthood obsession) to interact with us on Twitter?

Believe me, I realize this might sound crazy, but then again, it’s still super cool! Continue reading

Finding Your Social Media Zen

(CC) Image courtesy djfoobarmatt

Close your eyes. That’s it, take a deep breath. Inhale. Exhale.

Sometimes all you need to do is take a step back from the social media world to find a little bit of perspective.

About two months ago, I attended the Type-A-Mom conference. There was a fantastic panel on community and staying positive in the blogosphere. Let’s face it; it’s easier to be negative rather than positive.

The overall gist of the panel was that sometimes people act before thinking; that they don’t really consider what will happen when you put something out there for social media consumption. Continue reading

Is Your Media List for Sale?

Hands writing grocery listNothing irks me quite like receiving SPAM touting the fact that the e-mail sender has media lists for sale. Now, I’m not talking about companies like CISION and Vocus, which are tried and true media databases. What I’m referring to are these “companies” that are selling already-formulated media lists. Let’s see, you can buy a family/parenting list – or, how about a technology list?

Let me just say this: You can buy a media list but the relationships aren’t for sale.

Supposedly, these media lists are for people that can’t afford a publicist. I understand a publicist can be pricey, but you are paying for more than their media lists. You are paying for their knowledge, guidance, relationships, creativity, strategic planning – things that a pre-made media list lacks. Just because you purchase a media list, doesn’t mean that you’ll magically get publicity from it. Continue reading

Clients and Phone Interviews – What’s Your Role?

Stained Sticky Notepaper Pad with Broken Pencil and Telephone HandsetCongratulations! You’ve scored a phone interview for your client with a big name reporter. Now comes the big question – do you join in?

I have worked for people that have stood on both sides of the issue as to whether or not you should be on the phone while a client does the interview. If the decision has been made that you will be listening in, do you tell the reporter you are on the other line? Do you chime in? Or, do you just pretend you aren’t there and take a back seat? And, what do the reporters think?

There are so many opinions that surround this topic; I thought I would poll the PRBC crew and a couple of reporters to get their thoughts. Continue reading

A Workaholic’s Worst Nightmare

Pregnant Woman on ScaleIt’s safe to say that the majority of us that work in PR tend to fall into the workaholic category. I will fully admit that I am one of those. Of course, I’ve trained myself to take social media breaks, etc., but I am now about to enter new territory.

If you haven’t heard yet, I’m almost ready to deliver the next member of the PRBreakfastClub family. That means that I’ll be taking maternity leave for six weeks. SIX WEEKS! Gulp.

Now, I know having a baby is like a big deal, but not being immersed in the PR universe for six whole weeks? This concept is starting to turn into a very hard pill to swallow.

If you are a workaholic like me, when you go to sleep, you dream about work. When you’re on your way to the office, you think about work. When you watch the news, you’re always wondering how you can get your clients on it. Continue reading

Welcome to Our World

Checklist and pencilDuring the #prbc Ragan panel, I brought up the point that the line between a blogger and marketer will continue to blur, and you will start to see more bloggers taking a stab at becoming publicists/marketers.

As this trend continues – which I have a feeling it will – everyone is going to have an opinion on the subject. Can bloggers be publicists? Should companies stick with PR firms?

I’m not saying that bloggers shouldn’t be marketers or they can’t be publicists, but I do think a select few might need some insight. So, what’s the reality you may ask? Well, being a publicist/marketer isn’t as easy as it looks. Continue reading

Preparing for the SEO of the Future

Do It YourselfWith less than two months to go, my away-from-work-life has consisted of registering for baby stuff, painting a nursery, complaining about maternity clothes, trying to avoid ice cream – everything and all things baby!

Now my husband just informed me that he bought a domain for our future son as a gift. My first reaction was “We don’t even have diapers yet.”  So, I sent out a tweet about his latest purchase, and got an immediate number of responses.  It seems he isn’t the only one preparing for our child’s SEO future.

Honestly, this would be the last thing I would even think about as I get ready for parenthood, but these days, should it be one of the first? Continue reading

In the Event of an Event

Group of Young People at a Party

I was invited to an event recently that I was really excited about. However, much to my dismay, I was only able to last a half hour before I high-tailed it out of there. From a cramped event space to complete confusion about where I was supposed to go, let’s just say this event didn’t live up to all the hype.

We thought we would use this opportunity as a learning experience, and provide a few tips that you should keep in mind when planning and executing an event. Continue reading